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We are utilizing over 15 years of experience in food ingredient marketing, international sales and product- and process-development. Our knowledge is focussed on spray dried composed ingredients, both non-dairy as dairy based.International

Business development Food ingredients

  • Business to Business marketing and ingredient positioning
  • International sales to local entrepreneurs, medium sized regional companies as multi-nationals
  • With a global network and affinity for different cultures

Product development

  • Ingredient formulation and composition
  • Micro-encapsulation of functional ingredients (eg nutritional oils like Omega-3, MCT, Olive oil)
  • Food structurizing

Food physics and process technology

  • Emulsion technology
  • Crystallisation know-how
  • Spray drying

Our generic qualifiers

The people in our team also have working experience in the other business disciplines that are ensuring an effective utilisation of our specific know-how. General management, production management, QA, QC, Supply chain management and raw material sourcing, supporting services as ICT, finance and human resource management.


Broad experience in a specific business field