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About Our Company

Lefka O’life BV

was founded in the Netherlands in 2005.  As an ingredient development company it started with the explorative research in valorising the side stream of olive oil processing. And always looking for new challenging projects it filled the development pipeline throughout the following years.  By steadily extending it’s team of experts, the company grew in project initiatives and in product offerings. 

Lefka-Olife BV is a company that provides services based on it’s own specific experience and intellectual property. The main business activities are now focussed in the whole European region, but interest for the offerings is also shown from the Middle-Eastern and Asian region.

Lefka-O’life Polska

was founded in 2011. From our office in Warschau we serve the needs of the food industry in the Easter-European region.

Qualitrade O’life BV

founded is 2008, and a 100% sister company of Lefka-Olife BV is our vehicle for all the  sales and trading activities in food ingredients.

Our Skills

Process Development (80%)


Product Development (90%)


End-product marketing idea’s  (75%)


Production Support (80%)


Our Team

In pursue for developments we are always on the move, both figurative and literally.