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As a small but dedicated business enterprise, we have to rely for our success on our business partners and international  network, each with their specific capabilities and competences. Here an overview.

Our business partners

  • Chios Mastic Gum Growers Association ; sole cultivator and producer of Mastic Gum. Our marketing and sales partner of Mastic Gum Ingredients.
  • Innov’ia SA ; manufacturing and development partner for encapsulating resins.
  • Hellenic Protein SA ; sole producer of yoghurt serum powder.
  • Hochdorf Nutrifood AG ; producer and seller of the olive oil powder.

Our sales and business intelligence network

Besides our own sales activities driven from our office in Netherlands and Poland, we have an exyensive and reliable agents and sales contacts network in:

  • Belgium, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Japan, China, Russia, Baltic Sates, United States of America, Chili
  • and more pending in Eastern-Europe, Balkan region and Middle-East

Our independent specialists

Last but now least,

  • ADH Lipid Consulting: Lipid know-how, processing and lipid nutrition.
  • Filagrotiki; our inspiring friend for consumer marketing of nutritional and functional FMCG.


A constantly growing competent network based on mutual trust