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Throughout the last years we have been working on a number of challenging projects. They reflect our business focus, passion and  specific competence. Some of these projects have recently lead to successful product launches.

Encapsulating natural resins

Mastic Gum, a traditional and healthy natural resin, has been micro-encapsulated and made, without changing the nature of the raw material, water dispersible. In this way, this healthy raw material has been made applicable for dry and wet food products.

The technology, developed with our partner Innov’ia in France can be applied also to other natural resins to be applied in water phased food products or clinical nutrition.

Isolation of native olive proteins

A long term, very challenging, and still running project is focussing on creating value out of waste stream of certain industrial food processing. We have concentrated us on one of the biggest volumes of concern in the Mediterranean area’s, olive pulp, a side stream of olive oil processing. The proof of principle of isolating and concentrating native protein out of olive pulp)  up to 80% has been delivered.

Currently the validation and upscaling of the enabling technology is under research. We are seeking for partners in this broad  and multi-disciplinary project.

Spray drying nutritional oils

The use of  non-hydrogenated or even non-refined oils is growing. Both due to health benefits as well as to some typical taste characteristics of these natural oils. In order to combine the consumer demand of health, taste and convenience, it is for many industrial food products a need to have the oil available in a shelf life stable powder..

Spray drying acid whey

Acid whey, a side stream of some typical dairy products, is a raw material difficult to dry in it’s pure form. We developed the know-how to crystallize these concentrates on a sophisticated way and spray-dry the product gently and controlled. This product group, that once seemed to be extremely difficult to process due to it’s hygrocospicity, is now for food applications available in it’s pure form. 

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