Not your ordinary innovator


Unique innovators in food specialties suits us better. You thrive by value added sustainable changes in food industries. So do we. We are here to support your visionary journey and match latent market needs with your business strategy. And vice versa, of course.

Connect to make things happen

We connect people, companies and markets. In specialty food ingredients. That’s the core of what we do. We help you to find your real business friends around the world. Sharing ingredients, experiences, profit and fun. A deep and strong connection, in full transparency, is imperative to build the foundation for true business innovation. Positive energy, fun and curiosity are the essentials for a team, full of diversity, to come to real success.

From strategy to execution

Together with our partners and friends, we do a lot to help your company grow, innovate and be successful. We globally help companies from constructing their long term strategy to concrete work on execution of the plan. Only both. Setting goals, the directions and moreover assisting you on the journey, help to navigate to reach your desired destination. Sailing the global seas together.

Partner with nice people only

We believe loyalty and trust will prevail when we co-operate with friendly and nice people. Door to great opportunities will open itself and your guts will tell you this. Being challenged by the unknown, we emphasize the importance of having fun together. No fun, no energy, no result. Work is something extremely enjoyable. Success we celebrate together. You can only multiply, if you know how to share.

Preaching serendipity

Coincidences exists. Most of the time we see them as a great pleasure. Actually we like to facilitate coincidences to happen. It is truly possible. Our personal experiences support that the right and honest people together, positive energy and good circumstances get the best out of creativity and bring up serendipity.

Process over project

As your guide we must sail the sea in any kind of weather. During a long journey the circumstances constantly change. To be able to navigate solidly - also during strong head winds - our team is flexible, quick and in constant communication. In addition, we prefer a process over a miniscule detailed project. Because even a perfect Swiss watch stops with one grain of sand. And a flock of starlings moves flexible with a constant focus on their goal.

Not your obscure partner

Not your stoic consultant

Not your ordinary innovator