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With quite some experience in the food business industry, we are specialised in global business development of complex food ingredients with a story. We collect, connect and convert. In full transparency about everything we do.

Connect with people, companies and markets. That’s the core of what we do. Without a deeper connection with people we can forget about innovation. There must be energy, fun and curiosity. It is the true foundation of connection on business level.

Together with our many partners in food specialty ingredients we go all in to help your company grow, innovate and be even more successful. With the structure of our niche partners we’ve got a firm foundation to help you with every single step on the road.

We like to have fun together. It’s hard to innovate people and companies when people are as grumpy as they get. There must be chemistry between us. We are sure you want that connection too. Because doors open for great opportunities when nice people work together.

Coincidence exists. Most of the time they are a great pleasure. Facilitating coincidences to happen, is truly possible. Our personal experiences support our believe. Bringing the right and honest people together, setting positive energy and circumstances, get’s the best out of creativity. That is serendipity.

As your guide we must sail the sea in any kind of weather. During a long journey the circumstances constantly change. To be able to navigate solidly - also during strong head winds - only works when a team is flexible, quick and in constant communication.